Greenspan is a typically Ashkenazi Jewish surname. It is the anglicized form of the German/Yiddish surname Grünspan ("green swarf", "green patina", "verdigris", "copper(II) acetate"). Cognate are the surnames Grynszpan and Grinshpan (Poland, Romania, Hungary).

Notable people with the surname include:

* Alan Greenspan (born 1926), American economist, former Federal Reserve Chairman ** Greenspan Commission (1981–83) on social security reform, chaired by the above ** Greenspan put, a monetary policy named after the economist ** Guidotti–Greenspan rule of finance, publicized by the economist * Alison Greenspan (1972–2021), American film and television producer * Bennett Greenspan (born 1952), American entrepreneur, founder of Family Tree DNA * Brad Greenspan (born 20th century), American entrepreneur (MySpace) * Brian Greenspan (born 1947), Canadian lawyer * Bud Greenspan (1926–2010), American film director * David Greenspan (born 1956), American actor and playwright * Dorie Greenspan (born 20th century), American author of cookbooks * Edward Greenspon (born 1957), Canadian newspaper editor * Harvey P. Greenspan (born 1933), American mathematician * Herschel Grynszpan (1921-before 1945), Jewish assassin * Jason Scott Greenspan (born 1959), aka Jason Alexander, American actor * Jerry Greenspan (born 1941), American basketball player * Marshall Greenspan, American engineer * Mauro Cabral Grinspan, (born 1971), Argentinian intersex and trans activist * Melissa Greenspan (born 20th century), American actress * Nachman Shlomo Greenspan (1878–1961), Polish-born UK rabbi and Talmudic scholar * Ryan Greenspan (born 1982), American paintball player * Stanley Greenspan (born 1941), American psychiatrist Provided by Wikipedia
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