Vamana, an [[Avatar]] of [[Vishnu]] Lord Vamana (), also known as Vamanadeva (), Trivikrama (), Urukrama (), Upendra (), Dadhivamana (), and Balibandhana () was a Brahmin incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu. He was the 5th incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the first Dashavatar in the Treta Yuga, after Narasimha.

Originating in the Vedas, Vamana is most commonly associated in the Itihasa (History) and Puranas with the legend of taking back the three worlds (collectively referred to as the ''Triloka'') from the Asura-King Bali in three steps to give back to Indra. Vamana is listed as the fifth incarnation of the Dashavatar, the ten principal incarnations of Vishnu.

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