Fundamentals of educational sociology

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Main Author: Banerjee, Archana
Format: Book
Published: Kolkata B B Kundu Grandsons
Table of Contents:
  • Sociological Foundation Education To Understand the meaning of sociology of Education and realize its pertience to education To be acquiainted with current social issues and their relationship Sociological foundation of education Social groups of education unemployment Proverty National distintegration Population Other social factors influencing education religion class technology Economy Impact of political systems on education Groups Nature and types of group Primary Secondary Tertiary Secondary group- its role on education Tertiary group-Comparison between Primary and Secondary groups Social change and education Sanskritization westernization Globalization Types of communication Mass Media TV Radio Magazines Flim Social Control The Defintion of social control Education as a social heritage need for sociological approach in education Definition of social heritage A few contemporary social issues Adult education Poverty Brain Drain Population explotion