Soils and soils of India

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Main Author: Das, Pannalal
Other Authors: Basu, Swapna
Format: Book
Published: Kolkata Grantha Tirtha 2004
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100 |a Das, Pannalal 
245 |a Soils and soils of India  |c by Pannalal Das and Swapna Basu 
260 |a Kolkata  |b Grantha Tirtha  |c 2004 
300 |a 224 p  |b 21 cm 
505 |a Definition of soil & pedology, Growth of soil science and its contents, Origin of spheres, Rocks and their types, Disintegration and decomposition of rocks and minerals, Soil profile and its development, Factors of soil formation, Processes of soil formation, Soil as a three dimensional object-Pedon,Polypedon and Epipedon, Composition of soil, Properties of soil, Soil texture, Soil density, Pore space, Soil water and water holding capacity, Soil structure, Soil reaction, Cation exchange capacity of soil, Soil organic matter, Clay, Soil fertility, nutrients, nutrient cycle and plant nutrition, Classification of soil, Principal zonal soil of the world, Soil erosion, Soil conservation, Soils of India 
650 |a Geography 
650 |a Soil Science 
700 |a Basu, Swapna  
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