(The) Nature and properties of soils

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Main Author: Brady, Nyle C.
Format: Book
Published: New Delhi Prentice-Hall of India 2001
Edition:10th ed.
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100 |a Brady, Nyle C. 
245 |a (The) Nature and properties of soils  |c by Nyle C. Brady 
250 |a 10th ed. 
260 |a New Delhi  |b Prentice-Hall of India  |c 2001 
300 |a xviii, 621p.  |b 27.5cm 
500 |a Includes glossary and index 
505 |a The soils around us, Origin, nature, and classification of parent materials, Soil formation,classification and survey, Physical properties of mineral soils, Soil water: characteristics and behavior, Soil air and soil temperature, Soil colloids: their nature and practical significance, Soil reaction: acidity and alkalinity, Organisms of the soil, Soil organic matter and organic soils, Nitrogen and sulfur economy of soils, Phosphorus and potassium, Micronutrient elements, Losses of soil moisture and their regulation, Soil erosion and its control, Fertilizers and fertilizer management, Recycling nutrients through animal manures and other organic wastes, Soils and chemical pollution, Soils and world's food supply,  
650 |a Geography 
650 |a Soil science 
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