Economic analysis

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Main Author: Sundharam, K. P. M.
Other Authors: Sundharam, E. N.
Format: Book
Published: New Delhi Sultan Chand & Sons 1987
Edition:4th ed.
Table of Contents:
  • Economics-Scope, methodology and law Micro and macro economics and other related concepts Central Problems of all economies Economic systems and resource allocation Individual and market demand Utility analysis of demand Indifference curve analysis of demand Elasticity of demand Average and marginal revenues and elasticity of demand Applications of utility and indifference approaches Factors of production and specialization Production function and the law of returns Nature and behavior of cost Market and theories of value Objectives of a business firm and equilibrium of the firm Pricing under perfect competition Supply curve of a competitive industry Pricing under monopoly Pricing under Duopoly and oligopoly Pricing under monopolistic competition Monopsony and bilateral monopoly Interdependent prices Alternative theories of the firm Marginal productivity theory Rent and quasi-rent Wages Interest Profit Nature and functions of money Monetary systems Theory of money and prices Inflation and deflation Commercial banking Central banking National income accounting Classical Theory of income and employment Keynesian theory of income and employment Keynesian theory: Equilibrium level of income and output Unemployment, full employment and monetary and fiscal policies Critique of Keynesian theory Trade cycles Theories of International trade Gains from trade, terms of trade and protections Rate of exchange Balance of payments The international monetary and banking system Features of an underdeveloped economy The theory of economic growth Economic planning Nature and principle of public finance Public expenditure Sources of public income- prominent taxes Principles of taxation Taxable capacity, incidence and effects of taxation Public debt Development finance: deficit financing