Money, banking, international trade and public finance

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Main Author: Mithani, D. M.
Format: Book
Published: Bombay(Mumbai) Himalaya Publishing House 1996
Edition:7th ed.
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100 |a Mithani, D. M.  
245 |a Money, banking, international trade and public finance  |c by D. M. Mithani 
250 |a 7th ed. 
260 |a Bombay(Mumbai)  |b Himalaya Publishing House  |c 1996 
300 |a xxvi, 402p.+196p.+184p.+211p.  |b 21 cm 
500 |a Includes appendices. 
505 |a MONEY AND BANKING Nature of barter and monetary economy Functions and significance of money Monetary standards Gold standards Money supply Demand for money Value of money and its measurements Quantity theory of money Income theory of money Analytic of inflation and deflation Financial markets Theories of interest Commercial banking The central bank and instruments of credit control Monetary policy Banking in India Development banks and other term financing institutions in India Monetary policy in India THEORY OF INCOME AND EMPLOYMENT National income Employment and unemployment Classical theory of employment Keynesian theory of employment Consumption function Investment function Multiplier and acceleration principles Savings and investment Keynes' theory and underdeveloped countries Trade cycles and measures of economic stabilization INTERNATIONAL TRADE: THEORY, POLICY AND FINANCE Nature of international trade Theory of comparative advantage Modern theory of comparative advantage Modern theory of international trade Gains from trade and terms of trade Mechanism for international payments( Foreign exchange) Balance of payments Trade policy: free trade vs prortection Protective trade devices: tariffs and quotas Exchange control The IMF and the problem of international liquidity International financial institutions Euro-dollar markets European economic community (EEC) General agreements on Tariffs and trades United Nations conference on trade and development PRINCIPLES OF PUBLIC FINANCE Nature and norms of modern public fiance Public revenue Canons of taxation and principles of equity Characteristics of a good tax system and the Indian tax structure Types of taxation Incidence of taxation Effects of taxation Public expenditures Public Debt Fiscal policy Deficit financing Mobilization of resources for development Federal finance Supply side economics Aspects of black money in Market The long term fiscal policy of the government in India Cost benefit analysis 
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